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Our Background

We are a privately owned, outsourced, direct sales & marketing company with over 13 years of experience. We concentrate on obtaining new customer acquisitions for a variety of clientele throughout the United Kingdom.
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In the highly demanding and stressful world most companies find themselves in, they are in need of instant results: more exposure now, more customers now, more profits now! In that whirlwind we sometimes forget that 100% of the time our customers are people. They are humans; not just a figure on the bottom line of a spreadsheet. Therefore a simple smile, or eye-to-eye contact, or even a handshake can make the world of difference.
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At Source Marketing Direct®, it all starts and ends with people. We are constantly seeking to improve our service to our clients through the continual development of our direct sales consultants. Top performers are engaged in a Business Development Program to further develop their professional and personal skills to provide a better service.
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Our Mission

Source Marketing Direct® is a leading customer acquisition organisation in the UK. Our mission is to provide productive solutions for our clients’ needs to increase their customer base and revenues so they can reach their highest potential, primarily through utilizing our professional, energetic, confident, and committed team who hold a high standard of excellence.
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Company Facts

Available sales advisors


Paying customers acquired in 2013


Paying customer acquired as of August 2014


The Benefits

Why Choose Source Marketing Direct®?

Rapid Exposure

Rapid Exposure to your market that can be measured We can take a new client from the initial phase, to full capacity within weeks. We are ready to start spreading the word once the consultation is complete and terms have been agreed. In all cases to-date, our clients have experienced an increase of customers the same day we start! In addition, we will be providing daily reporting with specifics details of the acquisitions, such as, time & date of acquisition, gender, address, date of births, and more that can be used for further research and analysis.

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Guaranteed Results

Rates based on Results Due to companies flooding traditional forms of marketing, the costs for those forms of marketing have gone up considerably over the years. A recent client spent £150,000 on a radio ad that produced one customer. That’s right, one! That’s not a typo! Our service is very cost-effective for your marketing budgets. What separates us from the other marketing channels is that we work on a “No Win, No Fee” basis. We will only charge your business when we produce the results.

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Meet some of the Team

Our people are our greatest asset

  • Hector Montalvo

    Managing Director

    Hector Montalvo has over 13 years experience in outsourced, direct sales, and business development. He has grown his business from one guy to over 200 sales advisors throughout United Kingdom. Earlier this year was awarded the “Business Owner of the Year” for all of the accomplishments of productivity and growth of his organisation in 2013.

  • Kaya Sielachowska

    Administration Manager

    Born in Poland and raised in the UK Kaya’s friendly personality make her the perfect first point of contact for many at Source Marketing Direct.
    Kaya is responsible for all office administration requirements and has the huge job of ensuring the day-to-day activities at our company run smoothly.

  • Ozz Obasohan

    Operational Manager

    Osarumen Obasohan is working as the operational manager at Source Marketing Direct® He graduated from the University of Birmingham where he studied Drama & Theatre Arts. At Source Marketing Direct® he has been able to transfer his creativity and passion for his work to the business. He's responsible for overseeing the development and growth of the company.

  • Our Team
  • Our Team
  • Our Team



Since our incorporation in 2008, our business has grown and expanded into further markets throughout the UK. We are extremely proud of our achievements and the fantastic results we have generated for our clients.

  • 2008

    Source Marketing Direct Incorporated in the UK

  • 2009

    First expansion outside of London

  • 2010

    Introduces B2B channel to clientele

  • 2011

    Introduces Event based promotions

  • 2012

    Organisation breaks 30,000 acquisitions for the year

  • 2013

    Founder awarded “Business Owner of the Year” through supplier for growth and productivity

  • 2014

    Organisation breaks 200 sales advisors

How We Work

We offer Private Site and B2B Services.


Our business development team will work with you to understand your and goals.

Customer Acquisition

Our customer acquisition service saves time, money and flexibility.


Our presentations are completed within 30 seconds.

Sales Force

We will deliver your message using a respectful approach.

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Hector Montalvo & Gordon Ramsey at Union Street Cafe

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Keynote Speakers at Portugal Leadership Conference

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Cooking Masterclass at Union Street Cafe

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Limo Ride to the O2 to see Drake in Concert

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Hector Montalvo Speaking at South Africa Entrepreneur Conference

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Hosting Conference at the Guaman Hotel Tower Bridge

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Hector Montalvo in South Africa

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Leadership Conference in Spain 2013

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The Source Marketing Direct Team

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Hector Montalvo Meeting Eric Thomas at ‘ERIC THOMAS: THE UK TOUR 2013′

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