Our objective is to be able to provide our service throughout the whole of the UK and eventually throughout Europe to accommodate our international clientele. With that said, there are constant factors that have us on the lookout for new talent.

1. When do businesses want customers? That’s right, always. Hence, there is a constant demand for our service. We are very thankful that we are not, negatively, impacted by economic or seasonal trends. No matter how bad things may get economically, businesses will still need people to buy their product or service. Recession? Where?

2. As the results are delivered to clients, so are their expectations to achieve them bigger, faster, stronger! This has led to the creation of our Business Development Program. What does everyone look for when they start with a company? That’s right, progression! For individuals who have an interest in progressing towards taking on higher responsibilities in business development & consultancy or even being the big boss someday; our program is designed to develop individuals professionally & personally, educating from the ground up. We have grown individuals that started from simply the sales & promotions, onto running their own successful campaigns and sales force throughout the UK.

Internships and work placements may arise from time to time during the course of the year. The opportunities may be in sales, marketing and administration. The internship will be based in the UK.

For more information regarding any possible roles & business opportunities, please refer to your local recruitment agencies.