The “Bottom Line”

In the highly demanding and stressful world most companies find themselves in, they are in need of instant results: more exposure now, more customers now and more profits now! In that whirlwind we sometimes forget that 100% of the time our customers are people. They are humans; not just a figure on the bottom line of a spreadsheet. Therefore a simple smile, eye-to-eye contact, or even a handshake can make the world of difference.

Lets face it, in this day and age, consumers have many options. Hence, they are much more selective with their purchases. Although television, radio, print, telesales, leaflets, mailers, & the Internet can create brand awareness, the way your company makes money is through results…customers actually buying YOUR product or service, period! How many billboards did you walk past today on your commute? How many did you write down the info for? How many TV ads have you seen this week? How many times did you pick up the phone to buy that product you saw? Get the picture?

How It Works

Our customer acquisition service saves time, money and the headache of establishing your own sales team. Source Marketing Direct® will not use any of the traditional forms you may have already spent thousands or even millions of pounds on. Instead our face-to-face approach will be used to acquire your customers. This will also provide you with measurable results, which can be analysed daily, as opposed to quarterly, yearly, or even not at all. We will work closely with you to understand your needs and goals. You will guide us in developing an ideal customer profile, which will enable us to make appropriate suggestions for your campaign. Once we have established your needs, we get to work!

Our face-to-face approach will allow us to acquire potential customers using either of the following two channels:

1. Private Sites

We have the capabilities to utilise retail mobile units in shopping centres, retail parks, malls, large department shops (i.e. Tesco Extras, Ikea) etc. The use of branded banners and podiums will create an exciting, informative and interactive experience for your customer.

2. B2B

We’ll create our own leads by visiting small to medium size businesses and speak to the decision makers, directly, to deliver your message and services. Acquisition can be made the same day or through appointment.

Whichever one of these 2 channels is used, the presentation is kept short & simple to allow your customer to come to a decision on their own terms.

By meeting with your potential customers directly, it will allow our representatives (acting on your behalf) to develop a rapport with a prospective customer and address their specific needs with the advantage of visual demonstrations and product samples. This rapport will also aid in the retention of your customers and even more importantly, because of the speed-to-market approach, you will see an immediate increase in customers, and in most cases it’s the same day!

The contact with your customers will be personal, powerful and provide an image that is custom-made to your products or services. Our approach will be more informative as opposed to your customer feeling pressured into a sale.

When we fulfil our obligation to our clients by increasing the customer base, revenues will continue to increase due to consumer awareness and repeat business from the new and existing customers. We will guarantee a professional presentation in order to maximise the amount of business we generate for your company!

For more information on some of the clients we have already served or simply of how Source Marketing Direct® can assist you with your acquisitions needs please use the ‘contact us’ page

Our Range

Currently we have the infrastructure that can accommodate our services throughout:

  • Greater London
  • Merseyside
  • Norfolk
  • Greater Manchester
  • Tyne and Wear
  • Hampshire County
  • Bedfordshire
  • Scotland
  • Republic of Ireland

We have recently hit a milestone within our organisation by breaking the 250 advisers mark nationwide! That’s right TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY! We aim to continue to expand our services on a larger scale throughout the rest of the UK and eventually Europe and back to United States. This is in an effort to provide international clients with further exposure.We were thrilled to expand our market reach into the Republic or Ireland in 2015.