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How We Work

Our customer acquisition service saves time, money and the headache of establishing your own sales team. Source Marketing Direct®  will not use any of the tradition forms you may have already spent thousands or even millions of pounds on. Instead our face to face approach will be used to acquire your customers. This will also provide you with measurable results which can be analysed daily, as opposed to quarterly or yearly.

Our business development team will work closely with you to understand your needs and goals. Once we have established those goals, we get to work! The acquisition campaign will be tailored to your organisations needs. You will guide us in developing an ‘ideal’ customer profile which will enable us to make appropriate suggestions for your campaign.

Our face-to-face approach will allow us to acquire potential customers using either of the following two avenues;

1. Private Site

We use retail mobile units in shopping centres, retail parks, mall’s, large department shops (i.e. Tesco Extras, Ikea) etc. By using banners and podium’s we create an exciting, informative and interactive experience for your customer.

2. B2B

Our sales force will visit small to medium size businesses to deliver your message.The meeting will be respectful, enthusiastic without the pressures of the aggressive hard sell. It will be more of an informative and consultant approach.

Whichever approach is used,  the presentation is completed within  a 30 seconds to allow your customer to come to a decision on their own terms. We pride ourselves in providing you with quality customers that have genuine interest in your service, not people that we have to convince!


Rapid Exposure to your market that can be measured: We can take a new client from the initial phase, to full capacity within weeks. We are ready to start spreading the word once the consultation is complete and terms have been agreed. In all cases to-date, our clients have experienced an increase of customers the same day we start! In addition, we will be providing daily reporting with specifics details of the acquisitions, such as, time & date of acquisition, gender, address, date of births, and more that can be used for further research and analysis.

Rates based on Results: Due to companies flooding traditional forms of marketing, the costs for those forms of marketing have gone up considerably over the years. A recent client spent £150,000 on a radio ad that produced one customer. That’s right, one! That’s not a typo!

Our service is very cost-effective for your marketing budgets. What separates us from the other marketing channels is that we work on a “No Win, No Fee” basis. We will only charge your business when we produce the results. This will allow your company to place its attention on the things that matter the most for your business. In most cases, the marketing costs for our services are 80-90% less than what your business will be used to!

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